reconfiguration of the javelot project, in collaboration with Luceplan


Javelot was born ‘ad hoc’ for the expansion project of the MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art) and created by the Parisian studio ODBC Conceived to coherently interpret the intentions of the designer in a quest for dynamic equilibrium of spaces and structures, the Javelot lamp was created in two versions: a ceiling light for interiors and a landscape light for outdoors.


The first on consists of a single tapered body in aluminium with conic ends in glossy methacrylate, capable of diffusing suggestive illumination thanks to dramatic LED sources.The second one consists of three luminous ‘javelins’ that intersect at an asymmetrical joint assembled on a pole, giving rise to a sculpture creat- ing unprecedented outdoor choreographies.


Each individual element features two LEDs with a colour temperature of 3,000°K for an extremely low consumption of just 16W.

Once again, avant-garde design meets research and experimentation spearheaded by ODBC. The results are innovative lighting creations inspiring new landscapes of light with elegance, functionality and sus- tainability.







© Studio Odile Decq