reconfiguration of the petale project, in collaboration with Luceplan


Specifically designed for Odile Decq’s architectural creations, the lamps have been developed in close collaboration with Luceplan reflecting the same approach of originality and lightness. As in the case of the Petal, first conceived for the futuristic ‘P8’ pavilion, a multifunctional centre now under construction on the banks of the Saône in Lyon, France.


The lamp could be defined as a gracefully suspended petal that spreads soft, smooth white light. But the truly extraordinary feature of this object with an organic form is the way it absorbs sound. 


The body of the lamp, covered with white fabric, is made with a sound-absorbing panel. The dome that supports the structure is in polycarbonate. While it is ideal for use in compositions of multiple ‘light petals’ in large spaces for hospital- ity and socializing, Petal also performs its multiple functions perfectly as ‘soloist’ in any inhabited context. 





© Studio Odile Decq