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Paris, France 2011


Beyond Horizon was inaugurated September 2011 in Gallery Polaris, Paris. This exhibition formed part of FIAC, an annual International Contemporary Art Fair which bears witness to an exceptional richness and diversity that brings together the French and international protagonists of the art world in an excitingly vital atmosphere.

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Studio Odile Decq

Galerie Polaris

Beyond Horizon proposes the visitor with a ‘visual passage’ constructed with silver and black mirrors, in which the spectator will have the opportunity to engage physically with the space. To move through his own image with that of the space, and by moving to perceive and to grasp various perspectives simultaneously.

In the similar way that we can look and understand a picture in multiple manners, the exhibition proposes us with nothing but various possibilities of concluding the space in which we move. “The horizon is an obsession, the architecture is an adventure with which it is always necessary to negotiate, ended time, we have only an urge, it is to go further…” Odile Decq, acclaimed French Architect. 

The exhibition eliminated no wall, no angle, no opening. On the contrary, by the installation of these various silver and black mirrors she adds, prolongs, enlarges, complexifies and completes, not the space but the spectrum of our vision itself.

It is evident that each will have their own personal experience, according to his/her own course, the time given to observe, question, and understand. The visitor becomes the actor.

The exhibition successfully addresses any possible contradiction and any questioning. It looks simultaneously for its opposite and its continuation. Thus, the settled objects then become precise stimuli, that we order and interpret each in our own way.

All images © Studio Odile Decq


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