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Architecture, Interior Design


Paarl, South Africa 2022

An architectural masterpiece at the foot of the Paarlberg, this private residence was realized for a couple with a desire to let their creative minds run free. The brief was to challenge the norm, explore the unknown, and create the unexpected. Each corner of the house was meticulously crafted around the interplay of shadows, sunlight, and reflections. A sculpture in nature, both striking and mysterious.

Interior Design & Decor


Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2023

Studio JVW’s latest concept takes boldness to new heights, designing a lavish penthouse for Amsterdam's most exclusive luxury high-rise - BOLD. With the city of Amsterdam and the IJ river as its backdrop, Studio JVW explores a new meditation of luxury through the lens of sustainable yet layered design interventions, facilitating various modes of living whilst evoking seamless moments of comfort throughout the space. 

Architecture, Interior Design


Cape Town, South Africa 2022

Nestled on the slopes of Signal Hill this residential property was designed to make the most of its ideal perched positioning with uninterrupted views over Cape Town’s magnificent Atlantic Seaboard. The use of natural materials, tones and textures combined with lush landscaping echoes the surrounding mountains and create a tranquil retreat from which to admire the city below. Similarly, the interior design and detailing follows this pursuit for simplicity and serenity.

Real Estate Marketing, Visualizations


Munich, Germany 2022

Located in Neubiberg, a quant neighbourhood in southeast Munich, these new semi-detached houses bring s new meaning to luxurious living. Floor to ceiling windows generate light-filled interiors, beautifully finished off in natural tones, stones, and timbers to create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. 

Real Estate Marketing, Visualizations


Munich, Germany 2021

In the charming town of Puchheim, just a few kilometers west of Munich, these two new detached houses exude modern day living. The development features a striking façade design and interior detailing which has been meticulously finished.