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Koh Samui, Thailand 2018


Located in the small town of Darling, South Africa, this renovation and refurbishment of an old farm stead was inspired the west coast countryside and its traditional farmhouse vernacular architecture.

The original farmhouse, dating back to the first settlers of Darling, called for a sensible architectural intervention and an in depth understanding of the cultural significance of the building. The concept was to retain as much as possible of the original building whilst additions and alterations that had been executed throughout the years would be refurbished. The concept was to accentuate and emphasize the new intervention; both in form, function and appearance.

The interior was completely reimagined; the rooms, their functions and proximity to one another completely reorganized and reshuffled to accommodate the client’s contemporary lifestyle. Interior walls were torn down strategically to unlock new spatial possibilities without compromising the integrity of the original structure. In doing so it created a new spatial focal point, one which was centered around the kitchen and adjacent dining and living spaces.

The interior was envisioned as a contemporary contrast to the original building and its finishes. Naturally and effortlessly curated.

The kitchen was reinterpreted and realized as a modular system which gives versatile options for open-plan and communal cooking. The dining area was strategically positioned between the kitchen and the new outdoor area to service both simultaneously. Newly fitted pivoting doors created a seamless transition between inside and outside, taking full advantage of the breathtaking uninterrupted views over the garden and vast countryside beyond.

The new outside area was conceptualized as an extension of the house and features a generous terrace, deck and natural swimming pool.


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